flash tatsIt’s that time of year, y’all: festival season! Coachella is just around the corner, and everyone’s gearing up and prepping their perfect festival looks. You know the drill: crop tops, denim cutoffs, flower headbands, and this year’s biggest trend, flash tattoos. You know, the temporary tattoos that look like silver and gold jewelry? Well, gird your loins, people, because they’ve just gone one step further: you can now buy colorful, metallic flash tattoos. Because who doesn’t want to look like Rainbow Brite whenever they have the chance?

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The same company that released the original flash tattoos has teamed up with the Rainforest Partnership to release a brand new collection of colorful temporary tattoos, and they are GORGEOUS. The collection is called Illia, and the 4-pack of tattoos comes with necklaces, bracelets, feathers, flowers, butterflies and more, all in bright hues that scream “music festival” louder than the drunk biddies standing behind you for the duration of a show that you didn’t really want to see in the first place. Check out some of the designs:

illia1The colors make the necklaces and bracelets look more like actual jewelry than the metallic ones do, IMO.

illia2But seriously, I’m obsessed, and I’ll definitely be purchasing these for first-ever festival-going experience this year. And the best part? Five percent of the proceeds from each Illia collection purchase goes to the Rainforest Partnership, whose goal is to protect tropical rainforests and find long-term solutions for mass deforestation. So, not only are you looking awesome, you’re also doing something even more awesome for the environment. Tree-hugging FTW!

(Photos: FlashTat.com)