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You can’t call yourself a real beauty junkie unless you’re well-educated on all things ColourPop. The brand, probably best known for its matte liquid lipsticks that Kylie Jenner supposedly ripped off for her Lip Kits, has gained a major cult following overnight, and with good reason—its makeup are on-trend, well-packaged, and appeal to a wide audience both in terms of price and product. So far, ColourPop has successfully popularized its lip colors and eyeshadows, but those are the only two products it really offers, leaving the rest of your face undoubtedly feeling a little left out. Well, sadness be gone, because ColourPop is finally adding brow products to its repertoire!

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The products, which will include both pencils and gel color, have made sneaky appearances on the brand’s Instagram for some time, and the packaging is as neat, clean, and universally appealing as the rest of the ColorPop wares:

There will be eight shades of each product, meaning you’ll more likely than not be able to find your perfect match. In a world where many brow products only see blonde and brunette, or, worse yet, the dreaded universal brow shade, this is HUGE:

From left to right, the colors are called Jet Set Black, Black N’ Brown, Dope Taupe, Arched Auburn, Red Head, Bangin’ Brunette, Honey Blonde, and Blondie.

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I don’t know about all of you, but this is the first time I’ve seen a ginger-friendly eyebrow pencil that doesn’t just look like a brick red lip liner. Plus, the products are all reportedly water-resistant and filled with vitamin E, which is wonderful for your hair and skin:

My go-to Milani brow color and Maybelline brow pencil may have finally met their match.

ColourPop announced on Instagram over the weekend that their Brow Colour ($6) and Brow Pencil ($5) collections will launch on March 10—only days away! It’s kind of all I can do right now to avoid saying something about making your brows be “on fleek” or whatever the kids are saying (side note: what is this “key alert” thing I keep hearing about?), so I’ll leave you all with this: in a matter of days, your search for the perfect brow pencil will be over. How’s that for a perfect pre-spring gift?