We still have a couple of days to go until it’s officially spring, but beauty brands are already celebrating the season with their latest collections. ColourPop Cosmetics is the latest one to make us excited for the new season with its Sprung On collection inspired by butterflies and insects.

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The beauty brand recently shared a preview image on Instagram of what appears to be packaging for the collection. Th photo shows a multicolored butterfly on a flower against a white and yellow striped background with other creepy crawly bugs. ColourPop revealed in the post, “Can’t wait to show you guys the entire collection.”

The brand hasn’t shared any more teasers (yet) but the @TrendMood1 Instagram account shared some further details of the collection. It will reportedly include a set of six Lippie Stix, a set of six Supershock Shadows, eight individual Lux Lipsticks and eight individual Super Shock Shadows plus three Face Duos. Based on the preview images, the color palette is focused on rich, muted jewel tones and golden neutrals that are reminiscent of nature.

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According to @TrendMood1 the ColourPop Cosmetics Spring 2018 butterfly collection will launch on March 15, so we can hopefully have it before spring has officially begun. We’ll keep you updated with any announcements from ColourPop.