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ColourPop Cosmetics has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to its affordable prices, wide selection of colors and new launches. (See: The crushed crystal collection and highlighter trios.) And it will soon be easier than ever to get your ColourPop Cosmetics’ fix because the beauty brand is coming to Sephora.

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That’s right, you can add this to the list of 1,000 reasons why Sephora is amazing. ColourPop Cosmetics made the announcement on Instagram that it is going to be available in select Sephora stores for the upcoming holiday season. This marks the first time that ColourPop Cosmetics will be available in store. Before, we had to search online for shades, but now we’ll be able to test all of the products in store.

What makes the move especially interesting is that there are hints that there will be more to the launch than simply expanding it to stores. John Nelson, ColourPop’s co-founder and Seed Beauty Chief Executive Officer told WWD, “This is not simply a distribution play for ColourPop. Instead, we are looking to disrupt the traditional brand and retailer model by taking collaboration, innovation and speed to the next level. Sephora shares our vision.” Sounds promising.

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ColourPop Cosmetics didn’t give any details about what specific Sephora stores the collection will launch in first, but fingers crossed that it will be in stores near us soon.