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You know how excited you get with every ColourPop Cosmetics launch? And you know how thrilled you were when it was announced that the budget-friendly beauty brand was launching at Sephora? Well, prepare to channel that excitement because ColourPop Cosmetics is reportedly launching at Ulta.

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The Trendmood1 Instagram account reported the news revealing that ColourPop Cosmetics will be launching at Ulta.com and in 265 Ulta locations on February 25. The initial launch will include some of our favorite essentials like the Super Shock Shadows, Liquid Lipsticks, Super Shock Highlighters and palettes. There will also be some Ulta exclusives.

OOOOO-MMMMM-GGGGGG!!! Wigs are being SNATCHED! 🙀🙀😱😱 #MakeupNews 🚨💄 Who is ready for more…L👀K Who is coming to @ultabeauty. . . ➡️➡️➡️ @colourpopcosmetics 🙀🙀😱😱 . . will be available➡ FEBRUARY 25TH online and in 265 stores across the country . . There will be a few products, Liquid Lipsticks, #SuperShockHighlighter , palettes (l Think I Love U, Element of Surprise…), #SuperShockShadow, There will be Ulta exclusives as well….. . . .#Ulta is #OnFire 🔥🔥🔥 now u will be able to Shop the brand using your points and hopefully it will be in stores in the future, so u will be able to try the product and swatch That’s amazing!!! I love seeing brands grow 👏🏼 What are your thoughts? XO #Trendmood #ultabeauty THANK U for this HOT!!!! Update: @laneybbeauty @alexjartistry @n0daybutt0day 😘🔥 U Rock! . . . #instabeauty #beauty #beautyaddict #cosmetics #bbloggers #bblogger #beautyaddict #beautyblog #beautycare #makeupart #makeupartist #makeupblogger #makeupobsessed #wakeupandmakeup #maquillaje #fashion

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There hasn’t been any confirmation of the launch from either ColourPop Cosmetics or Ulta as of yet, but we have less than a week to see if it’s true.

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If you remember, last summer there were rumors swirling that ColourPop Cosmetics was going to launch at Ulta after it dropped at Sephora. Obviously, that turned out not to be true, but fingers crossed that it is actually happening this time. We’ll keep you updated with any official announcements from the brands.