Highlighter trios- 3 highlighters, 2 exclusive shades, only $22 ☀️

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If you’re a highlighter lover, you probably don’t stop at one shade. You might use a few different luminous colors to achieve a proper strobing look. If this sounds like you, you’re going to be happy to hear that ColourPop Cosmetics has launched three new Highlighter Trios ($22).

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The three Highlighter Trios sell for $22 per kit and each includes three individual highlighters that you can wear individually or layer together. What’s more is that the shades in each kit look gorgeous on a range of skin tones.

Highlighter trios are limited edition so get them while you can! #whilesupplieslast 'Shortcake' highlighter trio $22 ?

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Each kit has a sweet name inspired by some of our favorite desserts. The sets include: Shortcake, Cannoli and Waffle. The different shades vary by each kit, but each one generally includes a light medium and dark shade. You can also snag some of ColourPop’s tie-dye highlighters in the trios.

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Overall, Waffle is the lightest of the three trios. If you’re looking for a pearlized glow with a hint of pink, this is your trio. ColourPop especially recommends it for fair skin tones. The range includes: Scrumptious (pearlized silvery baby pink), Glazed (pearlized soft ivory gold) and Flexitarian (pearlized intense white champagne).

Cannoli is the middle trio which is recommended for medium skin tones. The gorgeous trio includes: Wisp (pearlized golden champagne with gold pearl), Frosted (satin soft true gold) and Whipped (tie dye warm silvery taupe).

THIS. PACKAGING. ? Grab your highlighter trios $22!

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Finally, there is Shortcake. The shades in this trio are the darkest of the bunch and they’re recommended for those with darker skin. If you’re craving a golden glow with hints of copper, you will want to try this trio out. The colors in the range are: Iced (tie dye rosy gold), Candyman (pearlized metallic rich gold) and Soft Serve (satin true copper).

Note that ColourPop Cosmetics’ Highlighter Trios are limited edition and the brand cautions you to get ’em while you can. You heard them.