Have you heard of Booty Parlor yet? This is the rage of the celebs these days, with Brad and Angelina, Justin and Cameron and Denise and Richie among their following. Now, before you run off to Booty Parlor, be aware that along with the delightful goodies I am going to tell you about, there are some not-so-safe-for-work goodies there too. ;) But for our intents and purposes, lets talk about Booty beauty!

Pictured above is the most precious little container of powder you have ever seen – it is Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer in Don’t Call Me Honey ($28). Besides the fact that it smells and even tastes like honey, it is an absolutely gorgeous shimmer powder with the finest shimmer – no big tacky glitter here, this is truly pretty and just begging to dust up your décolleté. ;)



Booty Parlor also has some divine lip glosses – this one is called Cinnamon Shine and although it looks like a crazy red lip color, it is very sheer, with a very fine sparkle. It does not have the dripping wet shiny look of some glosses – the majority of the gloss look comes from the shimmer – it is very pretty – and does it ever have a great taste. It is also not too sticky, has a touch of lip plumping action and even lasts a little longer than the average gloss. Try also the Peppermint Pink – it is just like the Cinnamon Shine, but in a lighter sheer pink. Gorgeous – and tasty – and only $14 each. ;)

Along with their LA based stores and online, Booty Parlor is going to be available at Victoria’s Secret starting any time now, so keep your eyes out for it. If you fancy the adult toy thing, you might want to meet the Perez Jr. (warning – adult-adult-ADULT…LOL), named and created for one of my favorite bloggers, Perez Hilton. Now THAT is a successful blogger. ;)