If you love nail art, and are a fan of Game Of Thrones, Batman, or even Sailor Moon, you will want to start bringing out your nail polishes now. Even if you have never read a comic book in your life, you’ll want to try one of these cool manicures. We have been obsessed with Comic-Con inspired nail art since we saw Hailee Steinfeld‘s Pop Art manicure last year. We even have the ultimate Avengers nail art tutorial you can try. (Yes, there is a Loki nail.) Take a look at these 20 Comic-Con inspired manicures and you’ll see why your boring Hulk green nail polish, just won’t cut it anymore.

1. Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles Nails

The fluorescent green nail polish is great on its own, but the Ninja Turtle faces make it that much better.

2. Watchmen

Watchmen Nails

You could go with the more obvious (and easier) Rorschach manicure, but I strongly suggest you try this one.

3. Batman And Robin 

Batman And Robin Nails

This is perfect if you prefer the vintage comic versions of Batman and Robin compared to today’s dark and somber counterparts.

4. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Nails

Instead of Sailor Moon on every nail, I want to try this with all of the girls, including Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and maybe even Tuxedo Mask.

5. Spider-Man

Spiderman Nails

This spiderweb design is perfect for the nail art newbie. I bet you can even recreate the spiders too.

6. Star Trek 

Star Trek Nails

Some people may want to draw Spock on their nails, while others prefer a more minimalist approach, like this. If you recreate this, you have to do the stiletto nails.

7. Dr. Who

Dr. Who Nails

The different nail designs are cute mixed together, but I won’t blame you if you want to do ten Daleks.

8. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Nails

This is one of the few times blood splatter-patterned nails don’t look like a knife accident. I like the font placement too.

9. Mario

Retro Mario Nails

If you love Super Mario and don’t have the steadiest hand, this manicure is perfect for you.

10. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Nails

I think this Sheldon manicure is even better than the Sheldon tattoo. Bazinga!

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11. Iron Man

Iron Man Nails

This is the manicure for you, if Iron Man is your favorite Avenger (like mine). If you don’t have a fave, try this amazing Avenger nail art.

12. Superman

Superman Nails

Instead of an expected Superman “S” emblem, I like how they did something different. The belt detail is cute, but who would have thought to do the hair curl?

13. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

This is insanely good. I couldn’t even draw this with pencils, never mind nail polish. Very, very impressed.

14. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Nails

These are hilarious! However, where is Hermoine? And since I’m assuming the two redheads are Fred and George, where is Ron?

15. Wonder Woman

Wonderwoman Nails

This is Roy Litchtenstein comic art meets Wonder Woman and it looks fantastic.

16. Star Wars

Star Wars Nails

The fact that the lightsabers are made out of nail beads is almost too much for me to handle. #nerd

17. Game Of Thrones 

Game Of Thrones Nails

You can spend hours trying to recreate your favorite Game Of Thrones house’s sigil on your nail, or you can go for the slightly less complicated dragon’s scales.

18. Hello Kitty 

Hello Kitty Bam Pow Nails

I like the clashing colors almost as much as I like mixing Hello Kitty with polka dots and action words.

19. Twilight 

Twilight Nails

In 2011, everyone would have been obsessed with this manicure. You can still wear it now and you won’t have to worry about arguing whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob.

20. Wolverine


The costume detail and cheery colors almost make Wolverine seem cute.