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Unfortunately, beauty mistakes happen to all of us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cosmetics newbie or a makeup maven. And of course the worst misshapes are the ones that waste your money. If you’ve ever cursed because you’ve spent your hard-earned dollars on a beauty product that you have used once and realized it was a disaster or you splurged on a treatment only to realize it was a total waste, you’re not alone.

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Take a look at the expensive beauty mistakes we have all made:

1. Buying a fancy skincare product only to realize it makes you breakout.

Not only did you waste all of your money on something you will never use, but you now have zits to treat. Ugh. At this point, you are probably cursing yourself for not getting a sample of the product to test before you bought the full size and for believing the bottle when it said for “acne-prone skin.”

2. Purchasing the wrong foundation shade.

You spent ages ensuring that you got the right color match. You got a makeup artist’s help and you even checked the foundation in different lights. Yet after one day of wearing your new foundation outside, you realized that coverage is definitely not invisible. Your darker face and lighter neck are proof of that.

3. Splurging on the wrong treatment.

Were you tempted to try a treatment because everyone was talking about it? Or were you convinced by someone that it was the best for you? You probably realized things weren’t quite so good midway through your appointment. And the results in the end probably confirmed it. Sadly, you probably still had to hand over your money.

4. Deciding to buy a trendy beauty product.

It might have been that electric purple lipstick or maybe it was a yellow eyeshadow. The point was that you were convinced that you were going to wear it when you handed over your card. Two years on, it has never been opened and it’s gathering dust in your makeup bag.

5. Thinking it was a good idea to get that fancy gadget.

What could be better than being able to use a high-tech device at home without having to go to a dermatologist or a facialist? You gamely handed over your money and thought you were getting a great deal when you imagined all the money you would save on treatments. You’ve used the device once…or not at all. And you realized that there is a definite difference between you applying an at-home device and a pro doing it.

6. Getting a trendy haircut or color.

You went to a trendy new salon and you let the hairstylist convince you that you could totally carry off an edgier look than you were rocking at the time. You decided it was time to try something new. If the professional thought you could carry it off, you could. As soon as the hairstylist spun your chair around, you realized your mistake.

7. Trying a trendy embellished manicure.

You had been lusting over embellished nails on social media forever. You had attempted to recreate the look at home, but it turned out awful. So, you decided that going to the salon was the best way to get the look. You loved your nails as the manicurist was painting them, and you loved them when they were finished. However, the second you put your hand in your purse to get your wallet, you realized that your talons were just not practical for real life. That night, you spend ages painstakingly removing all of those very expensive jewels and diamantes.

8. Going to a new blowdry salon.

You had read all about them and loved how glossy your hair looked when you got it done at your regular hairdresser so you were down to book an appointment. After trying (and failing) to explain what you wanted to the stylist, you spend the next 15 minutes having your hair aggressively pulled. And the end results definitely didn’t make it worth while.

9. Buying all of the beauty supplements.

You totally believe that beauty starts from the inside out. (That’s the reason why you try to drink as much green juice as you can.) So, when you saw more and more beauty supplements were hitting the shelves, you decided to get in on it. You either took them once and have completely forgotten about them since then, or you took them religiously and are now convinced that you have been taking supplements filled with nothing but air.