Can you imagine being told your face is worth $3 million? If so, you might be Constance Jablonski (and in that case I resent you a little for pulling off that cobalt number up there). But that isn’t so much a good thing, since she’s being sued for that much because she left her former agency.

Until recently, the 21-year-old supermodel was represented by Marilyn Model Management. According the the agency, they were responsible for making her go from being an obscure, unsuccessful model in 2008 to a star just three years later, after she became the face of Estee Lauder and tripled her earnings. Recently, however, the model left Marilyn for DNA Models. Because of this, Marilyn Model Management claims, Constance Jablonski owes them $3.3M.

I think the last time I spontaneously switched jobs my boss was too high to notice I was gone. Then again, that was just from one end of the mall to another, so I imagine the stakes were a little lower. In Jablonski’s case, she’s reportedly worth more than $3M. Considering she’s landed two Vogue covers next month alone, this seems not unexpected. As a result of her in-demand nature, Marilyn Model Management is also suing DNA Models for snatching her up at what they consider the peak of her career.

“I think there is some sympathy factor for the Marilyn agency because after all, they developed her career yet they are not really able to reap the rewards,” said legal analyst Dana Cole to ABC. But Jablonski’s lawyer claims that Marilyn breached their contract with the model in several ways, thus allowing her to switch to DNA.

She seems pretty pleased with decision, having tweeted, “With a New Year comes new beginnings. After my bookers, many of those I began with at Marilyn and my dearest Marilyn Gaultier left the agency this past year, I decided to move on to DNA. I’m very excited with the move and I hope you are too!!” Now, I’m no “real” analyst of any sort, but I’m pretty sure when you’re being sued, it’s best not to tweet about the matter publicly to, y’know, thousands of people. Just a thought.

Oh, and in case you don’t recognize her name, perhaps she’ll be more familiar wearing one of the more insane outfits from the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Photos: Ivan Nikolov/ and Jeff Grossman/WENN.