Wearing coral lipstick is so challenging (as we all have known for some time now) that the LA Times recently devoted an entire section to doing it properly. Breaking news, indeed! Here, writer Alene Dawson and make-up artist Bobbi Brown explain why coral is fundamentally good, and something you shouldn’t fear:

“Coral lips are very big for spring. ‘A lot of women are cautious about wearing coral because they’re worried it will look too chalky or bright,’ Brown says. ‘But I believe there’s a perfect shade for every woman. The secret is finding the right coral shade that will work for you.'”

Brown suggests taking a look at your everyday color, and determining which coral rings the closest to it: “‘Lip colors that have the same undertones as your everyday lip shade will look the most flattering on you.'” Brown refers to this as building your “lip wardrobe,” which is a phrase that I’ve never heard before but will begin to employ immediately.

And here’s a handy photo gallery to show you exactly how to use the elusive shade. Good luck!