cosmossexiestbeautysecretscover.jpgSince as far back as high school, each month, like million of girls (and many of my friends), I’d scour the pages of Cosmopolitan for advice on everything from my lukewarm love life to my frazzled hair.

To me, Cosmo was sort of my beauty bible — and now they’ve published a comprehensive bible of their own. COSMO’S SEXIEST BEAUTY SECRETS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LOOKING GORGEOUS (Hearst Books; November 4, 2008).

The book offers hundreds of insider tips and tricks on everything from scoring a flawless complexion to creating a ton of hairstyles to working the latest make up trends. There’s plenty of pointers drawing in our “prey”, including: the secrets to getting silky, touchable hair, captivating eyes, and soft, full lips.

Also in here: Decadent at-home spa ideas that advise women how to pamper themselves like a pro. And since every beauty junkie is bound to make a misstep now and then, Cosmo included crucial tips for overcoming common beauty blunders.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:

– Shrink a zit instantly by dabbing it with toner then placing an ice-cube (wrapped in tissue) on the bump for one minute. Last, use a spot-treatment product before dotting on concealer.

– Get the shiniest hair imaginable by using an at-home clear gloss treatment, which will infuse your strands with potent polishers like silicone, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

– Make your eyes look larger by rimming the inside of your lids with white liner. Then define your upper and lower lashes with a charcoal liner and finish with three coats of black mascara.

– Fake the look of fuller lips by blending a thin line of liquid highlighter along your cupid’s bow so light will bounce off it and play up this curvy area.

I love this book so much that I want to share it with my friends (though I hope that I still become the most beautiful from it, of course). Two readers will each win a copy. To win, please share your own sexy beauty secret! (We won’t tell anyone…except the millions who read the comment.) Deadline November 28.

Photo credit: Hearst Books