A few days ago, the story of a PhD student at UCLA who has taken on the challenge of not looking at a mirror all year blew up in the news. The student, Kjerstin Gruys, will also be getting married during that year.

According to Styleist, she got the idea from a story in a book in which nuns swore off seeing flesh, including their own. Her graduate studies also line up with the topic of body image, as her dissertation is about sizing standards in U.S. fashion.

It’s a noble effort, although to be fair, it seems almost impossible to avoid mirrors for a year, even with the best of intentions. Most houses and public restrooms have mirrors over sinks, for instance, so unless you shut your eyes or forewent washing your hands after using the facilities, it’s likely that you’d catch a glimpse.

Even still, it’s more than most people would have the balls to try. To keep it interesting, Gruys will still wear make-up — prior to the beginning of the experiment, she taught herself how to apply basics like foundation and mascara without looking. She’s documenting her year on a blog called Mirror, Mirror…OFF The Wall.

So, what about you? Do you think you could go for a year without looking in a mirror?