So, Courtney Stodden has created an alter ego, the drunken, swearing Courtland, who you can see in all her glory, here, contending that she still has some of her dignity.


I think creating an alter ego is a terribly tricky thing to do well. That’s not to say it can’t be done! There are times when personas work brilliantly, especially because people in the public eye always have to create a persona to some extent. But it is very tricky to say why, say, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona fundamentally worked, and Garth Brook’s Chris Gaines persona did not.

I think for a persona to work really effectively, it has to play on something people already suspect about the performer. For instance, people very strongly suspected that David Bowie was an alien. I still suspect that. I suspect that about both him and Iman.

Meanwhile, I don’t think anyone in the entire world suspected that deep down, Garth Brooks was really a guy who wanted to comb his hair funny and croon alternative rock songs. That persona failed because that persona was not one anyone already believed in.

And then there is this:

courtney stoddenAnd I think that is really all we need to say about that.