courtney stodden marilyn monroe

Why is Courtney Stodden doing Diamonds are A Girl’s Best friend in a skin tight, hot pink tube dress? WHY IS SHE RUINING IT? Moreover, why does every celebrity feel a need to mimic the naked Marilyn Monroe shot by Bert Stern?

This shot:

marilyn monroe last sitting

Do you realize how many people have done this, Courtney? Do you? We can show you other celebrities doing nude, gauzy Marilyn below. And Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend versions of Marilyn! Here. Let’s all look at them together. Actually. Wait. Let’s watch Courtney Stodden’s Marilyn Monroe Tribute and then look at them. Stripper shoes ahead!


Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern via NowPublic

All others from @courtneystodden[ITPGallery]