It’s been a while since we’ve really cared about Courtney Stodden, at least in the deep, aching, almost teenaged and almost certainly deranged way TheGloss used to. Anyway, Stodden’s been quietly undergoing a makeover for some time now, sporting soft eye makeup (well, comparatively), less foundation, more natural brows, more identifiably human hair. Many people (in our office and outside) speculate that Stodden’s sporting the new dye job/makeup to distract from possible cosmetic surgery. Or, perhaps, ease us into it?

Regardless, we have noticed the dropoff in Stodden coverage. Is it because her shtick got old? Or because… she did? It kind of saddens/sickens us to think that people are less interested in Stodden now that she’s no longer 16. Though, granted, her antics are marginally less perverse in this capacity.

We actually think the real problem is self-awareness. A little while back, Stodden started staging absurd, unsettling photo-ops with the paparazzi (NSFW-ish) and suddenly it just didn’t feel as absurd. Also, once sentience pervaded her Twitter persona, things just weren’t the same.

Her look is still a different story:

Duckface firmly in place, she just had a lighter hand with the lip liner.

Anyway, this has been your brief, bittersweet Courtney Stodden update.

(Photos via Twitter)