As we’ve previously noted, someone in Courtney Stodden’s camp has realized that pictures of the 17-year-old nymphet without makeup, or before her alleged plastic surgery, send the internet into a tizzy.

To feed our insatiable appetite, they’ve released another one, ostensibly of Stodden with a fresh face as she went to get coffee yesterday.

And this is a fresh face, indeed — a face freshly full of makeup!


Anyway, it’s fairly obvious that Court-Court is wearing about three inches of foundation, but to her credit, absent indeed is the usual additional poundage of eyeliner and lipliner/stick/gloss. And in fact, without all that goop on her mouth, I daresay that her lips no longer look full of collagen. [tagbox tag=”Courtney Stodden”]

And that makes me think – the more we learn about this girl, the more I’m getting behind our sister site Crushable’s theory that the big mystery behind The Stodden is that she is, in fact, a 35-year-old performance artist, who has never had plastic surgery but rather is in command of a troop of professional makeup artists, and that this whole odyssey through Stodden-land has been one big trompe l’oeil intended to make bloggers such as myself feel foolish for ever paying her any mind.

In the past, I’ve wondered what happened to Courtney Stodden to make her the way she is. Now, I’m thinking that perhaps the question I should be asking is, WHY DO YOU HATE BLOGGERS, COURTNEY STODDEN?