cupcakes diet

Hi! Do you like doing appallingly stupid things like crash diets? We do! We make terrible decisions. That’s why, next week, we’re having a theme week certainly not celebrating, but rather grimly acknowledging crash diets. Because most of the people we know have tried one. To see what it is like, I will try one myself, and chronicle it. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I imagine you will watch my slow mental deterioration until all these posts are just vague, disconnected gibberish and emoticons. If you have any suggestions on which one will be most effective in accomplishing that, please feel free to share.

In fact, just feel free to share in general. If you’ve got a story about a crash diet you’ve tried – either so you can lose weight to eat whatever you want over the holidays, or for your own, less seasonal but still absurd reasons – we would like you to submit it. Send us (Jennifer[at] or Ashley[at] your story in 600-800 words. At the end of the week, we’ll pick one story from the contest to win a batch of cupcakes. Here is an emoticon. :o)