Photo: Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Get ready to feel bad about your expensive lipsticks! If a tiny sculpture of Twiggy doesn’t pop up when you twist the tube, you’re nobody. For around $670, you can own a piece of one Etsy seller’s bizarre art.

May Sum of Hong Kong, who uses the Etsy name wahahafactory, carves the tiny faces of fashion icons into high-end lipsticks. Choose from Lady Gaga, Madonna, Coco Chanel, Princess Diana, Kate Moss, TwiggyAnna Wintour, Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfel, and Victoria Beckham. Cute! And, frankly, creepy.

According to her Etsy page, the sculptures take around 12 hours to complete, and they have to be kept in a specific temperature range so that they don’t melt or crack. Don’t put them under a spotlight, either, or all hell will break loose. Sum only uses the finest material, though– all of her creations are made with lipsticks from YSL, Estee Lauder, MAC, NARS, or Max Factor, because these aren’t a poor man’s creepy miniature busts.

But don’t go feeling left out! You can also order a teeny, fragile jack-in-the-box in your likeness. The wahahafactory brags, “If you also want a unique lipstick sculpture, or if you want the lipstick [to] have your face on it, now you have [a] chance to get it!” Just send her a high-resolution photo of yourself, and don’t expect the details to be too precise. Still, Sum wants you to know that she “will help your dreams come true!” How did you she know about my very specific lipstick portrait dream?

If you’re also a dreamer, don’t live another day without a Posh Spice head in your Caboodle. Head on over to Etsy today and pick up your very own microscopic army of powerful fashion ladies– in every color of the lip rainbow! I’m not even kidding, I want one. Or seven. Please remind me that I’ll survive just fine without a pocketful of crimson Kate Moss.