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There have been many bold brow looks that have shown eyeshadow isn’t the only way to enhance the eye area. We can draw a lot of attention by actually putting down the shadow and focusing on our brows—often by using some creative techniques. We’ve seen heart brows, ponytail brows, negative space brows, among many more. If you’ve been hoping for something a bit more royal, you’re in luck because crown brows are the latest bold brow trend to captivate/polarize the internet.

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The look was created by makeup artist and Instagrammer Sofie Petersen. She has gained a following posting fun, unique makeup looks that often use makeup products in unexpected ways. For her crown brows, it appears she used a very good eyebrow gel to coax her brow hairs into different points to mimic the top of a crown. Because no crown is complete without a bit of bling, she dotted each point with a diamante.

As with a lot of other statement eyebrow looks, crown brows are proving to be divisive. That being said, the photo of the creative makeup look received over 11.8K likes in one day.

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If you’re looking for a way to pretend that you’re royalty, crown brows are the way to go. We doubt we’ll ever see Queen Elizabeth II sporting the look, but it’s a suitable alternative for those of us who don’t have actual jeweled crowns.