That Crystal Renn sure is one heck of a chameleon. Just a few weeks ago, she was a brown haired bikini babe in Sports Illustrated‘s cheesecake swimsuit issue, and now she can be seen looking all otherworldly and pixie-ish on one of W Korea’s March covers. Is there any look she can’t pull off?

She also appears in a group shot:

I’m so used to seeing Renn with her characteristic dark hair and amazing eyebrows that I almost didn’t recognize her here, but it’s a hallmark of a good fashion model to be able to blend into various aesthetic visions like that.

Of course, some people are using this as an excuse to trot out those quotes from January when PLUS Model Magazine editor Madeline Jones absurdly accused Renn of “betraying” the plus sized community by losing weight. Because a woman’s body isn’t her own to do with as she likes; she must consider other people’s feelings, and diet or not diet accordingly. It’s especially cool to police the body of someone who used to have an eating disorder. Or let’s say, worst case scenario, Renn had had a relapse. Is it really rational to take it personally that someone you like has a mental disease, let alone get mad at them for it? No, no it is not.

In any case, Renn has not actually relapsed, and seems to be taking the criticism in stride, as she should. Either that, or she’s too busy killing it in the fashion world to even notice. Haters to the left.

(Via HuffPo)