These days the only accessory you regularly wear in your hair is an elastic–and possibly a headband. As we got older, we tended to streamline our style, which meant we stop bedazzling our scalps and parted ways with some of our beloved beauty and fashion styles. That doesn’t mean we suddenly stopped loving the glittery hair accessories that we wore everyday when we were 13.

These are 10 hair accessories you forgot you loved:

1. Butterfly Clips

Admit it, you miss your butterfly clip collection. You kept them in their own separate case because you had so many by the time you got the bright ones, the transparent ones and the sparkly ones. They looked the best when you twisted your hair back with a clip to form a sparkling halo.

2. Hair Beads

These kits were amazing. It was arts and crafts meets beauty. You couldn’t get anything better for a slumber party activity. A single strand of beads framing your hair was the epitome of cool–even if the piece would often hit you in the teeth.

3. Hair Wraps

If you really wanted to create an awesome hairstyle, you would add beads and hair wraps. They looked like friendship bracelets in your hair, which is a look everyone wanted, right?

4. Scrunchies

A scrunchie was the cherry on top of your carefully-chosen outfit. They made it feel like everyday was a dance recital. Scrunchies have been working on their big comeback for awhile now, so you could be reliving your jazz lesson days again.

5. Snap Clips

Any snap clips were fun, but fancy decorates ones, or the clips shaped like animals were the best. The best hairstyle for growing out your bangs was center parted hair with snap clips pulling back your bangs on both sides of your face.

6. Fake Hair Scrunchies

Fake hair scrunchies deserve a category all their own. Did they look anything like you hair? No. Sometimes you didn’t even bother trying to find a matching one, because it was more fun to wear a blonde one if you were a brunette. And let’s not forget about the ones with crazy-colored streaks and sparkles. So Lizzie McGuire.

7. Hair Jewels

You probably had a few bottles of glitter hairspray but sometimes that wasn’t enough shimmer. Enter hair jewels. The Velcro and swirly fasteners never stayed on, which is why you always stuck a few extra ones on your head, so no one would notice if a few shiny stars fell out.

8. Bandanas

Bandanas could have been popular because the only dry shampoos you could buy cost $28. That, or everyone, celebrities included, were a bit too into Survivor.

9. Claw Clips

Large or small, claw clips were great. The tiny ones were perfect for accessorizing complicated updos while the big ones were a good alternative to jeweled elastics. The proper way to wear a large one was to twist your hair back and have your hair sprouting from the top so you look like a weird bird.

10. 3D Butterfly Barrettes

Mini butterfly clips were super fun, but if you really wanted to get fancy, you clipped your awkward I’m-trying-to-grow-them-out bangs with a large, sparkly butterfly clip with moving wings.