cupcake hair

Witches Brew posted this picture of a woman clearly not at a hair show, prompting us to wonder “in which section of candy land does this woman work?” I sort of want to go to there!

No, really, I’m trying to figure out her job – someone suggested she was a cubicle worker. There looks like there are canned goods somewhere, though – does she work in a supermarket? Does this make it more okay? Why does she not work at Magnolia Bakery? I feel like this is a great example of the kind of desperate enthusiasm Magnolia demands from their employees to make up for the fact that their actual cupcakes are, you know, kind of dry. Someone get this woman a job where she deals with cupcakes on a daily basis.

Moreover, Should we be fashioning our hair to go with our work? Ashley kind of uses her hair to do Cousin Itt impressions sometimes, so that seems pretty on-point.