Cut have been giving us the best kind of history lessons with their “100 Years of Beauty” videos. We’ve seen everything from the evolution of hair and makeup styles in Mexico to Korea to the Hawaii. For Cut’s latest video, they did something did something a bit different. They decided to focus on the 1980s and show us all of the glorious styles from around the world.

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There are lots of decades that had brilliant style, but the 80s separates itself from the rest. No decade was about as much excess or glamour as the 1980s. Yes, sometimes it is a little too much, especially when we look back on it now, but that makes it the perfect decade for Cut to highlight.

We get to see beauty looks from Cut’s other 28 videos in the series all spliced together. Some of the places featured include East Germany, Sweden, the United States, Hawaii, China and Iran. We even get to see the men’s 1980s grooming trends.

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Of course there is plenty of major hair moments and plenty of hairspray in the two-minute video. There’s also plenty of bold makeup. Hello, major eyeliner and bright lips paired with bright eyes. That being said, there are some surprisingly toned down looks. Italy’s doesn’t look that different than something Dolce & Gabbana would put on its runway today and Russia has a surprisingly soft makeup look.

Fingers crossed they do another decade, because seeing all of the trends from around the world in one place is as fascinating as seeing the evolution of one country.