One of the easiest ways to upgrade a hairstyle is with a hair accessories. Simply swap a plain ol’ barrette or elastic for a decorated one, and you have a hairstyle that’s a bit fancier and definitely more interesting. That could be why hair accessories are having a moment on and off the runways with clips, barrettes, bows, headbands and even scrunchies coming back. Our advice is to choose your favorite(s) and work them into your look.

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Get inspired with these 13 pretty ways to wear hair accessories:

1. Gingham Hair Bow

So much more interesting than a plain black elastic.


2. Braid Decorated with Clips

How adorable is this?


3. Hair Bow

It’s this unexpected placement that makes this clip.


4. Tied Hairband

Think beyond floral crowns.


5. Pink Velvet Scrunchie and Ponytail

It’s time to bust out those old scrunchies.


6. Multiple Barrettes

Three barrettes are better than one.


7. High Bun and Scrunchie

So cute.


8. Extra-Long Clip

Fasten those ends with a supersized barrette.


9. Decorated Bun

Try something besides that old stretched-out hair elastic.


10. Half Updo With Scrunchie

Swap that plain old elastic for a scrunchie.


11. Tiny Hair Bow

Not just for schoolgirls.


12. Headband and Updo

Headbands work for the beach and beyond.


13. Bun with Bow

Go on, stick a bow in it.