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There are lots of ways to upgrade a manicure from sparkles to nail art to embellishment. One of the newer ways that people are switching up their manis is with cuticle tattoos. If the thought of adding permanent ink to your cuticles is too much for you, you’ll be happy to know that there are lots of temporary designs. You can also get creative with a waterproof liquid eyeliner and come up with your own design.

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Take a look at 13 cuticle tattoo ideas that will inspire you:

1. Mixed Cuticle Tattoos

Try alternating designs on every other fingernail.


2. Chevron Cuticle Tattoos

Triangular cuticle tattoos with stiletto nails is a sharp finish.


3. Dotted Cuticle Tattoo

Start with a few simple dots and extend the design down fingers.


4. Accent Cuticle Tattoo

Instead of decorating all of your nails, only decorate one.


5. Different Cuticle Designs

So much inspiration.


6. Gold Cuticle Tattoos



7. Cuticle and Finger Tattoos

Major festival beauty inspiration.


8. Gold Bow And Dot Cuticle Tattoos

Go beyond black cuticle designs.


9. Start Cuticle Tattoos

Those sparkly nails are beautiful, but look at those cuticle tats.


10. Layered Cuticle Tattoo

For a cool effect, try placing the cuticle tattoos over the nail polish.


11. Dot And Moon Cuticle Tattoos

Proof your designs don’t have to match.


12. Square Cuticle Tattoos

Bored with dots? Try squares.


13. Heart Cuticle Tattoo

Look at the placement of the lil’ heart.