You know, here in America, our feminist panties get wadded fairly easily. Someone comments on Hillary’s hair, we accuse them of being a racist, ignorant, backwater klan member. Mention Pelosi’s outfit, get menstrual blood thrown on you. Michelle Obama’s arms have inexplicably become acceptable fodder, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, if we lived in the Czech Republic, our panties would be so wadded right now that we’d need a lifetime to get them undone. A handful of newly-elected Czech politicians, who all happen to be female, have created a sexy calendar, using photos of themselves wearing little more than a piece of legislation.

That’s right — naked female politicians! It’s enough to make one’s Feminism 101 syllabus spontaneously combust. To be angry, or to be empowered? To reject, or to support? To tear down, or to build up?

The Wall Street Journal credits the move to a communism backlash, the explosion that comes from years of women being forced to wear unisex clothing and to sneak women’s magazines into the country. Maybe, but it seems to me that it’s also a statement: women can be powerful, smart and sexy. And I can tell you that my brand of feminism feels that the decisions other women make are their own, and that by shitting on them I’m not exactly doing much to support my fellow vaginas and, in this case, the laws they want to pass.

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