Daily Fail

Yes, it’s easy to bag on the Daily Mail. They’re loud, they’re ubiquitous, they’re dumb and they hate women. Seriously. They just plum don’t like ’em.

And they’re incompetent. And they’re hateful.

But fat-shaming a kid seems like new(ish) territory for them!

Anyway, Christie Brinkley‘s daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, posted a #transofrmationtuesday (seriously? narcissists need a hashtag for every day of the week?) to Instagram last month, showing her one year before. Here it is:

The Daily Mail fat shames Christie Brinkley's 15-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook

You’ll notice how she looks like a kid on the left and a teenager on the right. Those are both true. No big deal, seemingly. People tend to grow. Kids tend to become teenagers.

But! Rather than simply letting nature progress, the Mail decided to be equal parts creepy and shitty about it and laud her “stunning transformation:”

Sailor Brinkley Cook, 15, posted two photos of herself taken a year apart [!]
In the first, taken in summer 2012, she was a chubby-cheeked tween [!]
Now Sailor bears an uncanny resemblance to a younger version of her supermodel mother, now 59 [!]

The photos, the first taken in summer 2012 and the second taken exactly a year later, show how much the young girl has come to resemble her mother after losing the puppy fat and ‘growing into herself’, as she puts it.

bert can't believe what he read

First of all, guys, GROSS. She’s 15.

Second of all, it’s framed like it’s going to be a diet piece–“How Christie Brinkley’s daughter went from pudgy teen to her supermodel mother’s doppelganger in just 12 months.” There is no how, ps. She fucking grew up some. Puberty isn’t really a diet tip.

Third of all, good lord, don’t call 14-year-old girls “pudgy,” “chubby-cheeked,” or refer to their “puppy fat.”

Fourth of all, don’t celebrate it. Don’t make growing up into some sexy triumph, applauding her now that she “resembles a younger version of her supermodel mother.”

are you fucking kidding me