dairy queen

So, good news on the health front! Kind of! Dairy Queen is getting treadmills at their corporate headquarters.

According to The Globe and Mail:

Obesity came under the spotlight last week when U.S. doctors labelled it a disease, and now one unlikely company is doing its part to tackle the problem: Dairy Queen.

The fast food company’s corporate headquarters in Edina, Minnesota now includes workstations where employees can walk on a treadmill while on the job.

The treadmill at work thing is not new, but it’s interesting a place like Dairy Queen is pushing for it. A small chocolate sundae from Dairy Queen contains 280 calories and seven grams of fat, and their cheeseburger kids’ meal carries 370 calories and 18 grams of fat, alongside eight grams of saturated fat.

Treadmills for employees are a good start, but perhaps their next step should be putting a focus on healthier food options at their restaurants.

It will take more than walking at work to counteract the level of fat going into our bodies if we eat fast food on a daily basis.


Well, The Globe and Mail sounds awfully proud of itself. Look, in reality, we probably need treadmills at actual Dairy Queens instead of just at the headquarters. Whoever is compiling DQ’s annual earnings report is presumably not being paid in free Blizzards. Although, if he is, I think that’s a pretty fascinating corporate technique, and one worth looking into.

Basically – walk more, maybe eat ice cream sparingly. Hell, walk to DQ the next time you go. So, basically, this is the same thing that we have known for a very long time.

Picture via DQ