Popular in dance studios and gyms, and a hot favorite among celebrities, dance fitness, also known as “beat-based” has become big business. Combining dance and exercise is a great idea. Let’s explore some options:

Ballroom Dancing

Fueled by recent reality TV programs which put well known names through their dance paces, ballroom dancing is experiencing a renaissance all over the world. Practicing ballroom dancing is a heart pumping workout. It may look elegant, but this is no easy option. Enhancing posture as well as balance and flexibility, this is strenuous exercise at its most graceful and fluid.

Belly Dancing

Image: istockphoto

Image: istockphoto

Good for posture and balance, belly dancing strengthens the pelvic muscle and the back. It tones abs, glutes, hips, hamstrings and thighs. For beginners, belly dancing is a great place to start. As you progress, dance moves can be faster and more aerobic giving you a full body workout. It is great for developing core strength and toning the abdominal flab – gently.

Line Dancing

Forget the old country and western image – line dancing has definitely expanded its horizons. Although considered low impact, line dancing does have the ability to get your heart rate up. Swing, jazz, waltz, urban night club and even soul can be done in a line – no partner needed.

Cardio Salsa

Everyone has heard about salsa – but what about cardio salsa? Similar to the mambo but faster, this Latin street dance is wildly popular in health clubs where all forms of Latin dance are being taught as dance fitness, as well as nightclubs worldwide.

Vital for building bone density and resisting osteoporosis, dancing combines a cardio workout with load bearing exercise. Give dancing a try. Any exercise is more fun and effortless if you do it with other people to a dance beat.

I have found that when dance is the exercise…it becomes a pleasure!