daphne guinness mac nail polishWhat happens when you wear nail polish on your lips? Besides looking pretty, obviously?

After Daphne Guinness “experimented” by applying her new MAC nail polish to her lips, celebrity make-up artist Rachel Wood noted, ‘As far as nail polish goes…I’m not sold on using it for the lips.  First of all most polishes contain fomaldehyde, not a substance I would suggest to ingest.’

Right, because it is typically used to embalm dead bodies. But then maybe Daphne Guinness is on to something we’re not, because we are frankly not beautiful muse aliens from the planet Fashion.

Wood remarks:

If polish was chosen because she wanted something that would stay, then I’d suggest a long wear lipstick or stain. I know there are some out that that only sandpaper and a blow torch remove.”

This is the least avant garde suggestion we have ever heard. All the lip nail polish for everybody this Christmas! Now we just need to figure out a way to get it off.