I like the way that Darphin has set up their online store. For example, you chose what product line you are interested in Skincare, Body Care, Sun Care, Dental Care, Best Sellers, etc. Then, you get within that line – are you looking for sensitive skin formulas, energizing body care, etc. When you look at a product, they make suggestions about other products that work well with it.

I like the Aromatic Bath and Body Oil. It’s a blend of 4 essential oils; Jojoba, Lemon, Pepper, and Rosemary. It has Salvia and Vitamin E in it, an “uplifting” scent, and you can use it two ways – in the tub or directly on the skin. Darphin recommends pairing it with their Aromatic Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel as well as their Aromatic Hydroactive Body Lotion.

They offer 24/7 advice via phone or email, plus they have a live chat feature. I work with a lot of different companies and many times even those that send me products to review give me very little information. I want to know what is in a product, what it smells like, what it will do for my skin/hair/body. It’s annoying to have to leave an online store to google the products and get information via someone else online. I’d like to see more companies adopting this way of doing business. It’s called good customer service.

Image credit: Darphin