When I first heard that Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream director Darren Aronofsky had directed a makeup commercial for Revlon, I got excited. How freaky was this going to be? Would brand ambassador Jessica Biel be shown killing an evil version of herself with a shard of mirror in her life-ruining quest for lash perfection? Or perhaps she’d be shown going insane over the secret code contained in pi…fabulously, gorgeously insane?

The actual ad is a bit of a letdown from all that, but it’s sexy and has Pharrell in it, so ain’t mad at it. As Pharrell’s smooth ode to mascara plays, Biel is shown sitting at her boudoir looking quite cinematic and pretty. She applies coat after coat of her Revlon mascara, until her eyelashes are sufficiently spidery to come alive and rip her fucking face off meet the handsome fellow who approaches. Bo-ring.

But wait! Ever the auteur, Aronofsky includes just enough spooky “multiple-selves-in-multiple-mirrors” and “who’s-P.O.V.-is-that-could-it-be-a-monster” shots to supply an alternate narrative for those looking for one. I can only assume Pharrell is a projection of Biel’s own damaged mind, and they’re about to have strange, sweaty ecstasy sex that’s all in her head, for he is far too perfect to be real. I’m a little alarmed Aronofsky is directing makeup commercials at all, but if he must, this is not a bad way to go about it.