Demi Lovato doesn’t just inspire us with her heartfelt song lyrics, she motivates us with her uplifting quotes. There is a reason why her positive Twitter messages are consistently retweeted at least 300,000 times. Her advice has ended up on countless feelgood Pinterest boards–and probably printed out and stuck on a few walls too. There was even a Demi Lovato quotes Twitter account at one point. Demi also released a book, entitled Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, with daily affirmations to empower you, when you’re feeling low. Demi has had her ups and downs, but her positive attitude and openness about working through her issues, and not being afraid to admit that she makes mistakes are just a few of the reasons why she is a role model to so many of us.

Check out 10 of Demi Lovato’s motivating quotes that we should try to live our lives by:

1. On why it’s fine not to be perfect:161586284JM021_Topshop_Topm

It is okay to admit that you aren’t happy 100% of the time, or that you have a rough day. Demi always keeps it real.

2. On our desire for perfection:Demi Lovato Blowing Kiss Quote

This quote from her partnership with The Jed Foundation shows love really does conquers all.

3. On diets:Demi Lovato Smiling Quote

You shouldn’t obsess over diets and dropping pant sizes. You should focus on eating healthy to fuel your body.

4. On happiness: Demi Lovato Car Quote

So simple but so true. Instead of just moping about it, try to solve what is bothering you.

5. On strength:496300861JC031_Demi_Lovato_

You don’t have to be a superhero and lift buildings to be strong. There is strength in knowledge too.

6. On working out:Demi Lovato Bikini Quote

Demi is always body positive. She knows that exercise and eating right are to benefit your health, not to get a “perfect” beach body.

7. On making a difference:Demi Lovato Thumbs Up Quote

Anyone can make a difference. It doesn’t have to be a monumental thing. Everyday changes help just as much.

8. On taking action:174158850KW00043_Teen_Choic

It’s one thing to talk about something, but it is quite another to do it. Even a small gesture can make all of the difference to someone’s day.

9. On being unique:Demi Lovato Peace Sign Quote

This quote from when Demi was the guest editor of Seventeen is so true. The best person you can be is yourself.

10. On standing up for yourself:Demi Lovato Hat Quote

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you, or not treat you with respect. Wise words.

(Photos: Getty Images, Instagram/DDLovato)