Demi Lovato attends Y100 Demi Lovato is a pretty big deal when it comes to celebrities and body image. After openly recovering from disordered eating, drug abuse and self harm, she’s basically become a spokeswoman for feeling good. She’s the reigning queen of pop culture positivity, that’s why she can openly announce that she would totally get a boob job without making anyone feel shitty about what’s going on under their own sweaters.

A lighthearted interview with Y100 before Miami’s Jingle Ball over the weekend nearly took a dark turn when the Disney-veteran was asked a rather mean spirited question. Lovato pulled the following dickish query out of a Santa hat: “You were picked to give one celebrity plastic surgery. Who would it be and what type of surgery?” Instead of getting catty and body snarky by dishing, she responded:

“It should be me! I should get a boob job. They’re like mosquito bites.”

She was clearly being goofy and wasn’t partaking in negative body talk, just acknowledging that she has issues with her body while evading a scummy interview question. I dig her style. Demi Lovato’s body is obviously adorable and none of my business. Boobs of all sizes are great. Boob jobs are great, even hypothetical boob jobs. Sure they stem from some pretty troubling aspects of our culture, but I’m for anything that people can do to feel good about their bodies.

Ms. Lovato’s boob job fantasy got me thinking about my own plastic surgery dreams. It’s pretty normal to think about little tweaks. So many of us have things we’d like to change about ourselves and totally would under different circumstances.  If I was going to surgically alter my body, I’d totally get butt implants. My posterior isn’t necessarily lacking in any way (small booties are awesome, anyway), but I’d love to have a more major donk to parade around.

I asked my coworkers what cosmetic procedures they’d have done if they were to hypothetically go under the knife and here are their responses:

Liz– “Dermal fillers, probably…Or that vibrating jaw VPL type thing Gwyneth does that people in Japan do all the time apparently.”

Frances– “I would totally get botox, no joke whatsoever. But only for a story, because I’m a serious journalist…I would totally get some kind of facial peel, but I’m afraid of turning into ghost rider.”

Julia– “I’d get lip fillers to REALLY commit to this big mouth thing.”

Carrie– “I would get a neck lift because I have REALLY stretchy skin and I know I will have a turkey wattle when I am older…I also have stretched out earring holes that look like shit. So, I would maybe get those fixed too.”

Perhaps that ass implant procedure isn’t in my future but, it’s fun to think about myself with a Nicki Minaj heinie.

via Huffington Post//Image via Getty