demi moore photoshop

Normally, I’m not against a little photoshopping (if I am ever in a magazine, I want all the photoshopping) but Demi Moore has been made to look like an oil painting of herself in this Helena Rubinstein campaign. An oil painting where Jennifer Lawrence‘s face has been molded with her own. For reference, here is what Demi Moore actually looks like:

demi moore 2012

So, she still looks really lovely, but she looks like a really lovely 49 year old woman. Because she is 49. What strikes me as especially sad about these images is that, following Demi Moore‘s split from Ashton Kutcher, some people have latched on to her being too old, and pictures like the ones above seem to reinforce the notion that you’re only beautiful and desirable if you look like you’re 25 forever. And no one does, except for robots, which is why they will win in the end.

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