Exfoliating has been recognized by aestheticians as one of the most important steps in a regular skin care routine.  Proper exfoliation removes dead skin cells and polishes skin to keep it smooth and free from fine lines.  Licensed aesthetician Leslie Lind developed an exfoliating tool for use at home that uses surgical grade stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds.

dermafile body tool

The Dermafile tool seems simple enough to use and looks a little like the mirror that the dentist uses to see the backs of your teeth.  You apply your regular facewash and then use the circular diamond-covered plate to rub your skin in a circular motion.  The Dermafile can be used for facial exfoliation weekly or monthly.  The polishing effect is also said to help decrease the appearance of fine lines.

I was curious about the use of “diamonds” in the Dermafile, so I was happy to hear that sustainable practices are used in the making of this product.  The “diamonds” are created in a lab where carbon seeds are placed under extreme pressure and heat to create a carbon crystal.  The stainless steel is recyclable and does not rust.

You can find out more about this special exfoliation tool online at Dermafile’s website.  You can watch an informative video about how to use the tool and order a Dermafile online for $29.95.