DermaloungeDermalounge is a hip and modern skin health spa, situated in beautiful San Francisco. Founded by Nicole Alvino, this oasis was created to provide an aspirational environment for skin health treatments.

“Dermatologists can get you results but with no care or personal attention, and spas are pampering but rarely effective or informative,” says Alvino. “By combining education, service and personalization, Dermalounge offers the safety and efficacy of the doctor’s office, with the comfort and individual attention of an upscale, urban spa.”

All visits begin with a Skin Analysis that uses the most advanced skin imaging technology. A personalized skin health plan is then created, and goals are set. Clinicians work with clients every step of the way to achieve those goals and promot professional skin health, a concept that encourages men and women to tend to their skin with the same active approach that they would their fitness. With skin consultants, skin care therapists and nurse practitioners on staff, this facility is able to offer a wide range of innovative skin care treatments, such as facials, hair removal, photorejuvenation, skin firming and wrinkle reduction.

1301 Church Street
San Francisco, California 94114
Tel: 415-285-6464