A lot has been made lately of additions and changes you can make to your pussy: adding rhinestones, surgically altering your labia, tightening your hole. But what about good, old-fashioned cleanliness? Getting your vagina back to the way god intended, and smelling nice too?

Well, that’s the niche market that I Love My Muff hopes to address, and frankly, we are big fans.

I Love My Muff is a line of products that includes vagina wash, vagina spray, vagina lotion, and vagina wipes (for the cunt on the go!) in very attractive packaging, and with very attractive ingredients that are all biodegradable, non-toxic and fragrance-free. They’re vegan, too, which means that no matter your partner’s dietary restrictions, he or she will still be able to eat you out.

But our favorite part about this product is that for once, someone is suggesting that rather than endure a great deal of pain to make your chuckerella look nice, you take good care of it, provide it with some love, wash it gently, wipe it nicely, massage in some lotion, use some essential oils, and then spray on a cooling mist. Now doesn’t that sound like a nice, refreshing change from having her ripped, torn, yanked, cut, pulled, removed, poked, prodded, and possibly made to bleed?

The products are available for sale as of this week in major cities, and online. Be nice to your vagina.

[Via Style Section LA]