Our beloved Tom Ford is launching a fullscale beauty and skincare collection. This is really exciting news to anyone who has ever shelled out $50 for his lipsticks, because one swipe can actually compel a woman to believe this is a reasonable price for such a thing. Anyway, Ford sat down with WWD to discuss the origin and development of the collection and ended up sharing a funny story about a cucumber-related hospitalization that was a byproduct of teenage vanity:

“When I was 14, I had to be taken to the emergency room because the cucumber slices I had put on my eyes — to camouflage the bags — had made them swell shut. I could eat cucumbers, but my eyes were clearly allergic to them,” he says, wondering aloud what his mother, Shirley, must have thought, seeing her son lying in the bathtub with salad greens on his face.

I found this anecdote incredibly charming.

Hey, look:

Also, the article reveals that one lipgloss in the collection is named (saucily) “Lost Cherry.” Oh, Tom.