Yesterday, after her fantastic election night performance during ABC’s election coverage (wherein she alternated between getting really sad about people who had “literally died” and laughing with unrestrained glee about precision tweeting) some people began to wonder if Diane Sawyer possibly “popped an Ambien and had some Chardonnay.” No. Wrong. It was almost certainly merlot.


We have proof! I mean, proof from a much earlier era! An era when women really all looked like Princess Diana. But proof that at some point, Diane Sawyer has drank something that is probably wine – but for legal reasons I should point out could also be grape juice – on air.

I mean, so did Julia Child. I’m not sure I feel like this is the most surprising news in the world. Although, I suppose Julia Child was merely reporting on… cooking. So it might have been slightly different.

But! I do like it when Diane Sawyer mimics doing cocaine, and announces “too bad she’s crazy!” so I am all for drinking on-air, all the time.

You go, Diane Sawyer. I would go have white or red wine with you essentially any time. Except I’m allergic to red wine, so it’s going to have to be white. For me. You can have whatever you want.

– Via Jezebel