We’ve been wading tits-deep into the tanning debate here at The Gloss, what with Amanda’s revelation that she doesn’t use sunblock. But apparently we’re not the only ones pondering skin health — a group of teens at a Massachusetts high school has announced that they will forgo tanning before prom.

Allison Bosse, who organized the effort, told ABC News that the practice of getting a dark glow leading up to your big night out is rampant where she lives.

“Our school is known for a lot of people tanning,” she said. “Kids start in March because they want to be tan in their dresses for prom.”

I mean, this is really cool and everything, and I totally support these kids’ efforts. But when the fuck did tanning become so much a part of the pre-prom ritual that not doing it necessitates a news story? Granted, my prom was about 14 years ago, but many of us here are 70s or 80s babies (because just to be clear, kids who are going to prom this year were born in 1994-ish) — did you guys tan before your prom? Also, any high school kids out there want to weigh in? Is this a thing?