As some sort of healthy living thing I’ve given up eating a bag of M&Ms every afternoon. Now I would like to find a snack that is not M&Ms and yet, tastes absolutely identical. Not rice cakes, I guess.

Some things I have considered:

verily baked goods

Pretty much anything from Verily Baked Goods. Maybe since I mentioned them, they will send me a pie now. A pie made out of chocolate and peanut butter and all of some nice chef’s hopes and dreams for a joyous future. Or this cookie thing. But you know, the more I thought about that, the it felt like it was going the wrong way on the whole health aspect. Like… the opposite way. The way that Paula Deen would go.

Meanwhile, deputy editor Ashley Cardiff ate some blueberries. She offered me some. I took them and pretended to be appreciative, but I was lying.

This is what they look like. Note how they do not look full of pink icing:


So! Something that is as healthy as blueberries but tastes as good as cake. There. Or something that comes as reasonably close to that goal as possible. What do you eat?