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Rebel Wilson is funny and gorgeous, and she’s also not your standard sample size. But her fantastic success has been like blood in the water to the sharks of the diet industry, who are now in a complete panic to see which of them will be able to convince her to lose weight on TV for them.

According to RadarOnline, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig both desperately want Wilson as their next spokeswoman. Part of the logic behind the move is apparently the idea that her new ABC comedy Super Fun Night would mean “viewers could get a front-row seat to her slim-down,” which is totally a vomit-worthy turn of phrase. But the companies apparently think that getting her to lose a ton of weight on TV would sell a ton of diet plans to the rest of us.

Radar’s source says Wilson hasn’t completely ruled the endorsement deal out, but to win her a company would basically have to drive a dump truck full of money to her house. She’s not interested in losing weight for the sake of losing weight, but dieting for several million dollars could be another story.

“Rebel would be doing this strictly for the money,” the source said.

If she does it, we hope she takes them for all they’re worth. We really hate the idea that a successful woman in the spotlight must be willing to deprive herself to fit a particular aesthetic ideal in order to have a career. Wilson is already hilarious and talented, and losing weight wouldn’t make her funnier.

Dieting for money seems like an unusual choice for the awesome and gorgeous Wilson, but she’s not actually new to the job. She was a spokesperson for Jenny Craig Australia in 2012 and wrote a blog for the company about her efforts to lose 55 pounds.

In related news, we love this shirt she is wearing so much:

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Via RadarOnline/Photo: WENN