Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Once upon a time I was a Girl Scout, my motivation driven solely by the plight and abundance of the Thin Mint cookie. But I was sloppy, constantly perplexed as to which vest and sash I was to wear (brown or green?) and I would make my mom buy my numerous leftover boxes of cookies. I never displayed the entrepreneurial brilliance of 13-year-old Girl Scout, Danielle Lei.

The ingenious location of Lei’s cookie distribution resulted in selling 117 cookie boxes in just two hours (RIP to my own childhood Girl Scout endeavors). Mathematically speaking, that’s nearly one box per sixty seconds and 37 boxes more than her stand outside the supermarket.

How was said task accomplished? This young genius–and my second favorite person of the week, right after Dear Abby–decided to set up shop in front of a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. Can you hear the lauding of applause from every frat guy, hippie and Phish fan in the Bay Area? At 13, I thought I was wise beyond my years when I subtly matched my outfit to the color combination of my braces; Danielle Lei, you are the kind of cool, mastermind that pre-teen Lindsey never was.

In regards to the slightly controversial location, Girl Schools of America addresses the issue to HuffPo:

“Our number one concern is the safety of girls. As long as they’re following our safety guidelines, we trust our parents to make decisions for their daughters based on the communities that they live in.”

Although said opinion seems to differ by state, a Colorado representative claims they ban the selling of cookies outside of bars and marijuana shops. The Green Cross and sufferers of a devastating syndrome known as “the munchies,” however, were more than compliant with Lei’s request in California.

Danielle Lei, I commend you on your ingenuity. But let’s get down to business: I will take all the boxes of the Thin Mints. Like, now.