We’ve recently noted that Ali Lohan, daughter of Dina and sister of Lindsay, has been looking very different lately. We’ve also noted that in the wake of her somewhat extreme weight loss, she’s become the target of anorexia rumors. Well, mother of the decade Dina Lohan has something to say about this: she wants all of y’all to back the eff up with your petty “concern:”

Dina recently told Us Weekly she “doesn’t read any of the rubbish” printed about her 17-year-old daughter’s shrinking figure. The starlet has been spotted this month in Beverly Hills and Oahu looking shockingly gaunt.

The Lohan matriarch also scoffed at rumors that Ali underwent plastic surgery. “I would never condone plastic surgery at such a young age,” Dina told Us. “Ali is a wonderful person and an amazing soul.”

Of course she is. And that’s why I’d be more worried that she’s hanging out with this guy than I would about her weight at the moment: