Dior Couture Spring Summer 2015 PonytailWe’ve seen some interesting things at the recent fashion shows. Rick Owens attempted to prove that dick cutouts are the next big trend during the men’s shows, and Kate Hudson decided to wear a dress with a butt cheek cutout to Couture Week. Bizarre cutouts aren’t the only unique thing, the Dior Haute Couture show managed to turn the humble, basic ponytail into something cool, slightly odd, and like nothing you have ever seen before.

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Models had their hair slicked back into a little hair loop, and a metallic or colorful ring was added, along with a long faux ponytail, according to Style.com. (Yep, the ponytail is extensions, though you could almost think the look was some sort of optical illusion, and that really was the model’s hair.) Dior Couture Spring Summer 2015 Ponytail Closeup

The futuristic-looking ponytails were created by hairstylist and genius Guido Palau, who posted photos of the look on Instagram. The hairstyle is clean, cool, modern and very unexpected. Yes, they look a bit like hairy doorknockers, or like you got a massive piercing in your hair, but neither of those are a bad thing, right?

It’s doubtful that this will become an everyday look for the masses, though it isn’t that hard to copy. You just need to find yourself metal ring, and some hair extensions to match your hair. Some edgy celeb should definitely wear it on the red carpet. Jennifer Lawrence is the face of Dior, so I nominate her. If ponytail-loving Ariana Grande ever wants to switch up her look ever so slightly, she could try it too.

 (Photos: Instagram/GuidoPalau)