natalie-portman-diorskin-star-foundation-campaignWant to look like Natalie Portman and JLaw in every photo ever taken of you, including all of your selfies? Then Diorskin Star foundation is the makeup for you! Dior has just launched the beauty world’s first-ever foundation with the goal of making all women look as radiant as the stars on Instagram. After polling a group of women spanning the ages of 25 to 44 about what their biggest skin concerns were, Dior discovered that nearly half were very self-conscious about how their skin looks (not so good) in photos on social media.

The people spoke, and Dior listened. Its Star foundation purports to have “light bursting” technology unlike any the world has seen by using tiny titanium spheres to break up harsh lighting, beautifully distributing it over the face. The result is a measurable 24 percent increase in radiance, as your skin becomes luminous, shine-free and flawless, while still looking like your real skin—only in its most ideal form—and not a mask of cakey makeup.

Word has it that Dior also has achieved the goal of bottling their impeccable studio lighting so we too can look like models backstage at Paris Fashion Week everywhere we go, while still maintaining a “hashtag woke up like this” effortlessness. BUT, it doesn’t stop there! Star foundation’s 16 shades are also supposed to have the ability to repair both dark spots and redness while you wear it, not just cover it up. As if attaining the appearance of Natalie Portman’s gorgeous skin shown in Dior’s ads wasn’t good enough, this makeup might actually make our real skin closer to that level of perfection?! Wow. Now we’re impressed!

What do you guys think—is it too good to be true or have we finally been bestowed with the world’s most perfect makeup?

Diorskin Star Foundation, $50