paqit towelettes for the face + hands + body

Price: $27 for a set of 24 towelettes

Review Haiku (If You Don’t Want to Read the Whole Post)
organic, fancy
moist paqit towelettes
Not worth the money.

First things first: It’s paqit as in ‘pack it.’ paqit is written in lowercase letters with the i slightly raised, and their product description is, “Naturally fresh products that renew and invigorate the active person after and during long days at the office, energy-sapping flights and rigorous workouts.” (This is code for: fancy-schmancy organic beauty products.) paqit’s current focus is on their body care line, which consists of biodegradable towelettes for the face, hands and body. Each towelette is individually packaged and designed to “rejuvenate in a moment.” Considering it usually takes me anywhere from one to several days to rejuvenate, the idea of doing so in the brief interval of a moment sounded great to me.

paqit’s success story begins with its branding. From the quirky name and logo to the modern-looking turquoise, silver and grass green packaging, paqit scored big points on my aesthete-o-meter. You can even use paqit as a verb, as in, “We paqit after yoga.” I instantly wanted to reinvigorate my body and cleanse my face as the label suggested. I never cared about organic, biodegradable moist towelettes before, but suddenly they seemed like a very important addition to my day-to-day regimen. I decided to start with my face, i.e., the yuzu-scented towelette. The individual package was easy to open and the towelette smelled freakin’ amazing, like very fragrant semi-sour citrus. I used it all over my face and neck, and then I tossed it into my backyard compost pile. Just kidding – I live in Brooklyn and don’t have a yard to speak of, but I did toss it in the recycling bin. The only thing that slightly sucked about the yuzu towelette experience was that I absolutely had to wash my hands afterward. They felt sticky, the way they would after eating an orange. At home, washing my hands wasn’t a problem, but if I was traveling it wouldn’t exactly be ideal. I was concerned the yuzu would make my face and neck feel sticky, too, but thankfully that wasn’t the case after they had thoroughly dried.

Moving onto the bergamot, I had high expectations. This towelette is for your body and your hands, so I hoped I wouldn’t feel compelled to wash anything afterwards. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. There is no way I would want to touch a cell phone, steering wheel or keyboard without at least rinsing and drying my hands after using the bergamot towelette. Still, it smelled incredible and I caught myself sniffing my arm a few times to further inhale the scent (good thing I wasn’t in public). If that’s not a testament to a product’s quality, I don’t know what is.

I suppose after trying the paqit towelettes I could see myself using them from time to time. But at $27 per recycled box of 24 individual towelettes (12 yuzu; 12 bergamot), it’d be hard to convince me of their daily necessity. I would recommend keeping a box at work for a quick shot of sweet-smelling citrus in the middle of the day, but I doubt I’d break ’em out in rush hour traffic or in an airplane because you run the risk of feeling sticky. I also can’t say I felt totally rejuvenated or that my life was changed after using the serviettes rafraîchissantes by paqit, but I did feel fancy when I used them, and it’s pretty hard to put a price on that.