While we all know that Photoshop is ubiquitous in magazines, posters, bus station advertisements, and more, it can be difficult to remember exactly how pervasive digital manipulation can be until the before and after shots are right in front of you. Luckily, Buzzfeed has uncovered nine previously unseen images showing Disney’s iconic princesses before and after Photoshop, and the results will astound you.

Not even one of the extremely beautiful Disney Princesses got away without being Photoshopped basically beyond recognition. Cinderella tragically lost her sassy eyebrow, while a Photoshop disaster removed Jasmine‘s second head completely. Even Pocahontas was subjected to an extreme Nicholas Cage-ectomy, leaving her looking more like a Playboy model and less like the star of Wicker Man.

Only Mulan escaped relatively unscathed.

It’s disappointing that a company like Disney would spend so much time adjusting the images of women who are already extraordinarily conventionally attractive, like Ariel, whose one thick eyebrow puts Cara Delevingne‘s two to shame. As Lorde tells us, flaws are OK. The world is not going to spin off its axis if a mermaid has a pimple. They even conform to ridiculous standards of beauty that require a person to have only two eyes, no more and no less, and for those eyes to be located on the face. I don’t know why poor Snow White needed all of her eyes moved from her arms and torso, especially considering that Argus the All-Seeing was a great beauty in his day.

To see more, check out the rest of the Photoshop madness over on Buzzfeed

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(Photo: Buzzfeed)